We remember the promise of God that no matter what we will not be alone. We are comforted by the Grace of God, even when the world is turning upside down by incomprehensible violence both here and throughout our world. We dare to be God's Easter people and we walk in the Light of the Risen Christ.

Let us dare to take the Light of God to all the dark places. May we bring Light to our world!


Regular weekly church services will resume September 2 

Sept. 2             Connie van Dixhoorn will lead the service

Sept 9              Rev. Glenna will lead the service.

Sept 16            John Klassen will lead the service.

Sept 11            Church board meeting 7 pm.

Sept 27-29       Fall Thrift Sale

Suzan Ramsey is our compassionate care contact. If you know of someone who needs a get well or thinking of you wish, please call her at 204-328-7536.

Have an announcement? Call Donna @ 729-7203

Or email: dfalkevi@mymts.net

Remember if You need a ride to church - Call Dianne 204-328-7690)

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