The Council of Rivers United Church is delighted to announce that Sheila Deforest has been appointed as a Student Minister at Rivers United, beginning on September 1, 2022.

Sheila comes to us from Saskatchewan. In 2018, she began studying to be a Licensed Lay Worship Leader. It was during this training that she first discerned her call to ordained ministry. She has completed two years of study at St. Andrew’s College in Saskatoon. While she is in a halftime placement with us, she will complete five Learning Circles before graduating with a Master of Divinity in the spring of 2024.

Rivers United has been designated as a Supervised Ministry Education Site. This is a new experience for us. A Lay Supervision Team has been formed, and it will work closely with Sheila during the two years she is with us. Sheila is a student, not a trained minister. She will bring us her gifts and talents, and we will give her support and encouragement. We will learn along with her. It is an exciting time for all of us!






  • On Monday, December 18, the Outreach Committee is hosting an Advent Social Evening. This is a time for men and women to gather for fellowship in the midst of the pre-Christmas busyness – another opportunity to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Come for punch and visiting at 7 pm, followed by a short Advent devotion prepared by Rev. Glenna. Everyone is asked to bring his/her own Christmas mug and 4 to 6 dainties to share when we all gather in Friendship Hall for refreshments. And bring a friend!
  • The RUC council has recently completed a “self-assessment” of this pastoral charge. This exercise takes the place of the Presbytery Visits of the past. A copy of the report can be found on the About Us page.
  • This year, Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday. After much deliberation, council has decided that we will hold one service on that day at 11 a.m. There will be no evening service.
  • Rivers United is pleased to announce that the repair and replacement of our four stained-glass windows is complete. This ambitious project was undertaken by Prairie Studio Glass out of Winnipeg, and the cost will be covered by a generous bequest from the late Don McFadden, a dedicated member of this church family for his entire life. The re-dedication of these windows will take place at our regular worship on January 14, 2024.
  • AA meetings are being held in the basement of Rivers United Church on Wednesdays at 7 pm.
  • A quilt will soon be hanging on the south wall in Friendship Hall. This quilt was made by the congregation of Rivers United Church to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the United Church in 1940. The quilt became the property of Rev. Wallace and Mabel Donogh when they left this church in 1944. Through some quirky circumstances, the quilt has returned home. It contains the names of all those who were members of this congregation in 1940. It is a real gem! For a more detailed description of the quilt, please go to the About Us page of this website.
  • Sheila Deforest can be reached at the church (328-7940) or on her cell phone at 306-873-9947.
  • Reverend Barb Jardine, Minister at Forrest and Brookdale United Churches, is a great help to us as our Pastoral Charge Supervisor appointed by the Prairie to Pine Region.

Suzan Ramsey is our compassionate care contact. If you know of someone who needs a get well or thinking of you wish, please call her at 204-328-7536 or

Have an announcement? Call Donna @ 729-7203

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