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The annual meeting of the congregation begins with a potluck lunch and the sense of community that comes with shared food and drink.


The Amnesty Luncheon involves sharing a meal together and taking time to think and write letters for Amnesty Canada. It is presented by the Outreach and Pastoral Care Committee with all proceeds going to Amnesty.
Lenten services are held jointly with St. James Anglican Church and include Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday services.


is the time of the Sunday School Picnic. This has been held at the Park, Daly Beach, and in Friendship Hall at the Church. The locale depends on the weather.


is a month to anticipate with Vacation Bible Camp in the third week with the following Church service on the Sunday reflecting what has been going on that week. It is well attended by the children of the area. We hope to have more participation from the other churches in Rivers in the coming years.


marks the opening of Sunday School and the recovenanting of leaders.


is the time of the Fall Supper where about four hundred people enjoy a fine meal and the sense of community provided.


sees the Choir Concert every second year. Some of the choir members come from the other churches to sing in the choir at that time.

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