April 7                    Service Leader Alastair McFadden
                              12:15 pm  Congregational Meeting

April 9                    Council meeting  7 pm

April 14                  Service Leader Sheila Deforest               Sunday school

April 21                  Service Leader Sheila Deforest. Communion will be served.

April 24                  Thrift Sale set-up  7 pm

April 25-27             Thrift Sale

April 28                  Service Leader Sheila Deforest

May 5                     Service Leader Sheila Deforest

May 12                   Service Leader Lesley McFadden            Sunday school

May 14                   Council meeting  7 pm

May 19                   Service Leader Sheila Deforest

May 26                   Service Leader Sheila Deforest

June 2                    Service Leader Sheila Deforest

June 9                    Service Leader Sheila Deforest   Sunday school
                               Sundae Sunday!!

June 11                   Council meeting  7 pm

June 16                   Service Leader Rev. Glenna Beauchamp

June 23                   Service Leader Sheila Deforest    Communion will be served.

   Farewell Reception

   Last service before summer break

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